Geoff Davis Bio

Geoff Davis started shooting at age 14, after taking a NYS Hunter Safety Course.

In the ‘70s and ‘80s He served with the Albany County Sheriff’s Department in multiple specialty units and as a Supervisor. He was the  Shooting Team Leader (Master level  PPC), and a NYS DCJS Police Academy Instructor.

Geoff continued to shoot competitively, PPC, Action Pistol, Precision (Bullseye) since then, and in the ‘80s, opened and operated a Custom Pistolsmith Business.

Several years ago, Geoff began NRA Instructor and Coach training. He is currently certified in:

NRA Training Counselor

Certified Pistol Coach (L2, NRA Sports, CMP, USA Shooting):

Chief Range Safety Officer (NRA)

Florida State Firearms Instructor (K/G,DI/D)

Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor (NRA Handgun)

Certified Private Security Instructor (NRA Handgun)

CCW Instructor (NRA)

Certified Pistol Instructor (NRA)

Certified Rifle Instructor (NRA)

Certified Shotgun Instructor (NRA)

Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor (NRA)

Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor (NRA)

NYS Municipal & County Police Academy Instructor (DCJS)

Florida State Security Officer Instructor (DI/D)

USPSA/ SCSA NROI Range Officer- Multi-Gun and Steel Challenge

ASEP Certified Coach and Medical

Gun Safety 4 U