Range Safety Officer – NRA Certification Course

Best For: Experienced gun owners who seek basic focused training  for volunteering or working at a range, or being responsible for a group of recreational shooters at a private location practicing shooting skills. A highly recommended course for shooters wishing to enter or complete instructor training.

Benefits: This course prepares the student with a proper mindset and understanding of responsibilities needed to safely supervise shooting activities, at indoor or outdoor ranges or in the field. Emergency situation management and SOP enforcement and shooter mentoring are also part of this class.

The NRA RSO (Range Safety Officer) Course is a valuable first step in enhancing your awareness of gun safety where there are multiple shooters, on a formal range or shooting at a remote location. Students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations.

These skills are essential to volunteering or working at a range in the RSO role. They are also valuable for keeping a group of recreational shooters safe while shooting together.

There are no pre-requisites, however, basic experience with firearms is recommended. This course is the prerequisite for the Chief Range Safety Officer Certification Course. It is also excellent training prior to attending the Basic Pistol Instructor Course. For those students wishing to become a Basic Pistol Instructor, this course is valuable when working with multiple ranges for off-site shooting qualifications.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, students should bring a face covering/ mask. We will observe social distancing guidelines and provide a better class experience by reduced class size.

$125 for Tuition and Books, VET/LEO Family discounts are available.  Course time: Approximately 9 hours…

We also do private group classes (4 seats minimum) for friends/ families in all courses. The CCW course modules have some flexibility in private courses.

Please contact us at gbdavis@gunsafety4u.com or call 727-470-0960.

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