Gun Safety 4 UProfessional Certified Coaching

(L2, National Level) for (Pistol Precision/ Bullseye, Action Pistol, CMP and NRA MQP (Marksmanship Qualification Program) Skill Improvement, and Optics/Red Dot Clinics

Best For: Pistol Shooters that wish to improve their shooting skills beyond NRA Courses in Conventional, Bullseye, Defensive Pistol, Action Pistol, or CMP- National Match Methods. We coach Clubs (volunteer), Groups, and individuals.

Benefits: 1 on 1 Coaching designed around each shooter’s needs and goals. Up-to-date methods and equipment are used, including PNP, Simulators, MantisX, Rimfire and Centerfire Competition grade equipment.

 Both individual coaching and clinic (group) formats are available. Costs/ Expenses are agreed to before the program begins. Clinics and youth groups require participation agreements. Shooters and coach will develop a training plan in addition to MQP or other goal structure.

Do you want to improve your shooting skills beyond available courses, want to shoot at a level to compete in local matches, or want to have the same skills in the future? Coaching or Clinics may be for you.

Personalized training and skill development with a Certified NRA (L2, National) and ASEP trained Pistol Coach could provide you with the expertise and skill development that will maximize your potential. We can begin at the entry level or build on your shooting experience. This coach provides shooters with an updated refined experience on the range and in the classroom where needed.

Shooters will be coached in Safety and Discipline specific rules, equipment selection, and learn and refine technical shooting skills. Shooters will also build out decision making skills, strategies for personal skill development, milestone setting and goal planning, and build confidence in the area of their choice. All shooting practice for live fire training while on the range will be with an NRA Coach and Advanced Instructor.

IMPORTANT: Shooters must not be ineligible to possess a firearm (for younger shooters, parental consent is required). Due to COVID-19 precautions, students should bring their own eye and ear protection and a face covering/ mask. We will observe social distancing guidelines and provide a better training experience by working with individual shooters 1-1 (Clinics are groups of 2-4)

We will provide handguns/ air pistols to use if you do not have one, and we will provide input on current choices in handguns for the best fit and purpose.

Please contact us at or call 727-470-0960.

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