No Mystery….

GunSafety4u … Friday, June 26, 2020·

We are very fortunate. We get to do what we love and share it with others. Be it Wildlife Photography, the study of abstracts and light, aerial videography of bodies of water to aid environmental cleanups, or helping others to be safe, responsible and enthusiastic shooters, it’s all the same. Share information, and take away some of the mystery in things so that they can be enjoyed.

We work to illuminate, not criticize. We believe in freedom of thought, rights, and reasonable rules that keep us all safe and growing. We fervently believe in respecting all people, unless they seek to harm others. We believe in equality and equalizers. Treat others as you wish to be treated, and expect nothing back is a great way to live. You get some really nice surprises.

We are not politically oriented, don’t hunt (don’t mind if others do), enjoy the grey zones of life, and enjoy people from all walks of life, places near and far, with varied viewpoints and experiences. We don’t want to see harm to people, wildlife, or ideas. We are all related, like it or not.

Sport shooting to us is like bowling… Stand at the end of a 5 foot wide alley, 50 feet long, and a projectile hits a target, and 300 points is really good. Getting injured or injuring others is REALLY bad. So, Safety First! The choice is rolling a heavy 10+ lb ball, spinning down the lane without going astray and trying to add up 300 points. Or take a small bullet, spinning down the lane a bit faster, without going astray, to a piece of paper about the size of a paper plate. The more holes in the center, the closer to 300 you get. We don’t bowl, too many calories.

Zen works in marksmanship. Empty the mind of clutter, focus on one pure thing, and dispose of the distraction of reading opinion writings…